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What’s your blog focus?

I listened to a good podcast from Merlin Mann and John Gruber, two Internet-famous bloggers, about how to create a blog that doesn’t suck.

What I took away from it is this: first, your best bet is to obsess about something. Anything. And second, you should identify your ideal reader.

I realized that my ideal reader is my former self. Actually something like that is mentioned on the podcast: one of the guys (Gruber?) says he writes his blog for a version of himself.

Ten years ago I was a young adult living in New York City, making a good living, with great friends and a wonderful wife (no kids yet), and yet I was frequently stressed out, and often unhappy.

Years later I have two kids. Kids are awesome, but they can be very stressful at times. Studies show this is normal. Still, I feel many times happier now that I did before this supposedly stress-inducing turn of events.

Why is that?

It’s a question that fascinates me, and ultimately, I think my writing is an attempt to make sense of that transformation and explain it to my younger self. Of course, I’m past the point of being able to use this information in my own life, but I enjoy the deconstruction process, and more importantly other people can still benefit from what I’ve learned.

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