Passive Income Goal #4

Back in January I set a goal for my squash site to bring in $300 per month all on its own. Well, over the last 3 months it’s brought in an average of $294.06. That’s close enough that I’m encouraged to call it done and reset the bar higher. In January I also tried setting […]

Should We Do Welfare Drug Testing?

Saw this image on Facebook yesterday. It’s sort of seductive at first, but this is actually playing a few tricks on you. This is trying to trick you into thinking welfare recipients are big drug users, which isn’t true. It’s also trying to trick you into thinking there are lots of Moochers permanently on welfare, […]

Passive Income Success

In November I made a total of $326.92 in passive income, beating my passive income goal of $300 per month! Yippee! Originally I’d set a goal of generating $300 per month by September 30th, which I failed to meet, but I was able to push past that mark only two months later. I didn’t do […]


There were 30,000 gun deaths in the US last year. It’s estimated that three years from now, more Americans will die from guns than from car accidents. I’d like to reduce the number of gun deaths in general. And I’d like to reduce the odds that someone I know will be killed by a gun. […]

US Drone Strikes on Children

Cheers to Dennis Kucinich of Ohio for delving into the Obama administration’s use of drone strikes. I just found out that America has killed 175 children over 8 years of these strikes, according to The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. So that means we murder a child approximately every 2 weeks. The standard attack is Hellfire […]

Passive Income Fail

This is an update on my passive income project. Back in April, I decided to follow blogger Steve Pavlina’s passive income creation series. Later, per Steve’s encouragement, I┬áset a public goal of creating, by September 30th 2012, a new passive income stream generating at least $300 per month. Well September 30th just passed, so … […]

Blog Focus

What’s your blog focus? I listened to a good podcast from Merlin Mann and John Gruber, two Internet-famous bloggers, about how to create a blog that doesn’t suck. What I took away from it is this: first, your best bet is to obsess about something. Anything. And second, you should identify your ideal reader. I […]

Where to go from here

I recently set a goal of creating a new passive income source earning $300 per month by September 30th, 2012. I’ve been considering – or perhaps dithering on – which steps to take next. Over the July 4th weekend I decided to focus on my squash site first. I’ll create a “passive value” resource there […]

Creating Passive Value

I recently set a goal of creating a passive income stream of $300 per month by September 30th. I’ve spent the past few weeks thinking through exactly how I’m going to accomplish that. I’ve mostly been trying to identify the right mindset. I find it somewhat odd that I’m working on my mindset, since I’ve […]