Cut Cable

It’s been over a year since my wife and I cancelled our cable subscription.

Now, at night, we no longer put on the TV by default. This is very freeing.

Every night, we get to choose what activity we want to enjoy. We might read books. We might play a board game. We might even watch TV (we got an Apple TV, so we can rent TV shows or movies if we’re really jonesing).

There was a time when I derived tons of value from our cable subscription. I’d watch a few favorite shows, but mostly I watched sports.

Once we had kids though, we had a lot less time on our hands. We could still watch TV at night, but it became tough to keep up with our favorite shows. I started to put pressure on myself to watch MORE TV in order to justify the $100 monthly cost.

Luckily, it didn’t take too long to realize this was stupid. So we cancelled.

There’s no reason your cable subscription should make you unhappy.

(photo by John Atherton)

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  • Hey Pierre, Okay, so we've been close to doing this about a hundred times in the last few weeks but haven't quite cut the cord. What have you chosen to do about an high-speed internet access provider? Still cable or something more Pierre-tastic? Thanks in advance, He Umami
    • author
      Umami...we had the FIOS option and went for it. It has been great, fast and reliable. There was a bit of an install process but the Verizon guy was nice and helpful.

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