I Sure Have A Lot More Free Time Now That I Have Two Kids

Before I had kids, life was busy. There were drinks to be drunk, hangovers to be slept off. There was TV to be watched, movies to be seen, video games to be played. And oh, all the hanging out.

Then came one kid, and then another. Now, I wake up at 6.30 every morning whether I want to or not, because one child or another is waking up. That’s on a good day, which thankfully come more often ever since our daughter turned 1.

I have my full attention occupied during the day, either at work, or at home having fun with the family. There is breakfast to be made and there are forts to be built and snacks to be had and walks to be taken. There’s lunch and dinner and baths and trips to the bakery. There are books and bedtime, and sometimes dinner again, for the weary adults. Then there’s cleaning up.

Yet, I’ve still found time to start this blog, and a few other Websites, since having kids. It seems to be a paradox — I have about 15 hours of free time a week, yet I get more done than I did before kids, when I had about 50 hours of free time a week.

The difference, of course, is that I make more efficient use of the time I have. For one thing, we got rid of cable. Now I write instead. And being hung over wasn’t exactly fun before, but at least I could sleep it off. Now I rear children starting every day at dawn. So there goes partying, which ends up meaning more time at night to write or do other projects.

I like to think that, knowing what I know now, I’d have made better use of my time before I had kids. But the truth is, sometimes it takes constraints in order to bring out your creativity. If I had more free time, maybe I’d just go back to squandering it. As it is, I have to maximize it.

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