How to Use Daytum to Track the Clothes You Wear for Project 333

Daytum is a nifty web service you can use to track information about yourself, and transform that raw information into infographics. I’m using it to track the clothes I’m wearing as part of Project 333.

To get an idea of what I’m talking about, check out my Daytum page here (opens in a new tab or window). If all this looks interesting and you want to be like me, come back to this post to learn how to set it up.

I’ll provide some basic guidelines. If you’re totally confused, check out Daytum’s how-to page.

Oh yeah, and Daytum is free. There’s a premium service you can sign up for if you get really into it, but I am using the free version currently.

Sign up for Daytum

Visit and on the front page under “create your account”, enter your email and go through the signup process. When your account is created, some sample data will be added for you. You don’t need to delete this, unless you’re obsessive like me. To delete the sample data, click on the entries page and then click the trash can against each item to delete it. You can also click on the categories page and delete the automatically created categories, though this isn’t necessary, unless you’re obsessive, again, like me.

Enter Your Data

There’s an entry field on the top of the screen where you can add items of clothing and accessories. Enter something you’re wearing today and press enter or click the add button. By default, your entry is timestamped with the current time. Go on and enter everything else you’re wearing today.

To enter items from previous days, click the little calendar icon next to the entry field and enter the appropriate date before clicking Add.

To see everything you’ve entered so far, click on the Entries link near the top of the screen.

Create a Category

Now you need to go through and tag all your items with a category. I tagged every item with the category of… “Items”. Yeah, not too creative.

Anytime you enter a new item, add this category to it. You can review all your data and categories by clicking on the Entries page.

Create a Display

On your profile page (i.e., click “New Display” and follow these steps:

  • Change the title to “Every item I’ve worn”
  • In the Data drop-down, select the “items” category
  • In the View drop-down, select List: Spark Bars
  • Click the Create Display button

Presto! You now have a working Daytum page. Come back and enter your data every day, and the page will automatically update for you.

More Daytum

Daytum allows you to do other cool things. Play around with it. Here are the other things I set up on my page:

  • Created a new Statement that says, “This is everything I’ve worn since…”
  • Created a new Display for most-worn piece of clothing using the “Item With Most Entries” view
  • Created a new Display for average number of items worn per day using the “Average Day” view
  • Created a new Display for items worn to NYC by tagging a subset of my clothes with the category “NYC” and then creating a display using just the NYC category (and not the “items” category)

Other Project333’ers

These folks have set up their own Project 333 Daytum page — check ’em out!

Questions? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Thanks for helping me wade through starting my daytum page. I'm not part of Project 333 yet but have decided to track which wardrobe items I wear the most. Love the simplicity of daytum. My page is here: and it's Day One for me.
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