Mini Makit Toy Review

I wanted to take a second and recommend the Mini Makit Toy. This was part of the Christmas bonanza.

It’s basically a miniature Tinker-Toy-style kit. There are 56 pieces, and you can build various contraptions with it.

I’m recommending it primarily because Luc, who’s currently 3 1/2, really enjoys it. He puts together his freestyle, structurally unsound creations, and seems to get a kick out of it.

I enjoy playing with it too. I’ll usually play alongside Luc, putting together little sculptures of my own while he works on his project.

One downside is sometimes the pieces don’t fit together all that snugly. This is a little annoying, but on balance it’s fun to tinker with.

One more good thing about the Mini Makit Toy is it’s pretty small — it all fits into a resealable cardboard tube about the size of a beer bottle. Once you’re done playing, you just put all the pieces back in the container. And the price is right, at $10 or less.

Well, check it out!

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