Passive Income Success

In November I made a total of $326.92 in passive income, beating my passive income goal of $300 per month! Yippee!

Originally I’d set a goal of generating $300 per month by September 30th, which I failed to meet, but I was able to push past that mark only two months later.

I didn’t do much differently to meet the goal. I pretty much just kept posting and had a good month of traffic on my squash site, which provided $238 worth of the revenue through a combination of ads and affiliate sales. My WordPress consulting gig provided $60. My BrickBreaker site provided $25. And this site contributed $4.

I suppose I have a couple quibbles with my success:

  • I’m only counting revenue. I’m not counting some expenses, such as hosting, or the Keyword Strategy tool I use to help with search engine optimization. I figure my expenses are about $40 per month total.
  • The WordPress gig is only semi-passive. If I died today, that passive income stream would continue for a couple months since it gets charged automatically on a monthly basis, but soon enough my clients would cancel their service.

You know what though? Who cares! That’s THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS (minus expenses) OUT OF THIN AIR (except for lots of work)! Make it rain!

It’s taken me a while to write this post, so I now know that in December my total income dropped to $283, below the three hundred mark. Oh well, that’s only SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS in total. Wooooooooooot!

Of course it’s a bit funny to get excited about $300 per month. That’s not exactly change-the-world money. But I have had fun learning a new skill that, over time, will add to my bank account. That doesn’t suck. So, I’ll take this moment to celebrate.

What now?

My plan now is to keep working until the squash site brings in $300 per month all by itself. I’ll just leave my goal the same ($300 per month) but make the goal a bit harder by restricting myself only to revenue from the squash site.

‘Til next time!


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