Playing with Gravel

Playing with Gravel

We went to the garden center this weekend. All the kids wanted to do was pick up gravel and drop it onto the garden center’s metal pushcarts. The gravel would drop through the metal latticework of the pushcart, then fall to the ground, reuniting with the rest of the gravel, only to be picked up by the kids again, in an endless cycle.

One of the guys who worked at the garden center was watching and made a casual reference to Sisyphus. Perhaps if my kids were tasked with rolling a boulder up a hill over and over, they might not consider it punishment.

If you think about it though, how are you going to learn what gravel feels like in the hand, or how it reacts when dropped on a metal grate? Only through repetition. If you want to master anything, you need to do it over and over again, endlessly.

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