Project 333 Update

I’ve joined this thing called project 333 where you wear only 33 items of clothing for 3 months.

Now I figure I pretty much wear the same 10 pieces of clothing 90% of the time, so why the hell would I bother with this experiment?

Well for one thing I want to be a little more aware of the amount of crap I have and use. But I never seem to find the time to go through all my crap. So by joining this project, I’m sort of forcing myself to account for everything. At the end of this experiment, I’ll have a list of everything I truly need, and a much longer list of crap I really don’t need.

I don’t actually think all my stuff is crap. Most of it’s good stuff. But I can get rid of lots of it. I probably don’t need 6 winter hats, for example. Or my diamond tiara.

Most people participating in the project are listing their 33 items of clothes beforehand. In fact that’s mentioned in the official rules somewhere, but I am ignoring that. I didn’t feel like planning too much ahead. Also, I didn’t have time.

Another reason I’m not deciding on all my clothes in advance is that means on the very last day of the project, if I’ve worn less than 33 items, I can blow my remaining credits on something cool, like a top hat and monocle.

To keep myself honest, I am tracking everything I wear at Most-worn items so far: gray t-shirt and brown belt. I didn’t think about it before the project began, but I’ll almost certainly end the project with my brown belt as the most-worn item. Apparently, keeping my pants secured is a high priority.

(photo via monocle)

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  • Minimalism is nice. This project must be a lot of fun. We've been thinking of donating our 34th possessions (and have been for sometime). In the event that you'd like to pool our extra crap with that of others maybe we could host an online auction of sorts and provide the proceeds to a worthy cause (e.g., Nee Foundation, MSF, etc) Hope you're well - Cope
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