The Simplest Possible Goal

Goals are important in life. They help you stay focused on doing the things that are important to you.

Having too many active goals can stress you out though. A stack of 30 or 100 goals might make some people happy. Personally, this gives me heart palpitations. I look at all the goals I’ve created for myself, and I immediately feel the onset of paralysis. Where do I start? How do I keep all these goals moving forward? How do I cope with all the EXPECTATIONS???

This is stupid. Don’t set expectations for yourself that stress you out to the point of inaction. That mindset is actually detrimental to your growth and enjoyment of life. If you feel backed into a corner by your own goals, you’ll probably just sabotage your own success by doing something distracting like checking Facebook or reading blogs.

If you have a number of goals right now, but you feel like the burden of these is overwhelming, then simplify your active goals. Get the number of goals down to a point where you feel re-energized. If you currently have no goals, that is OK. Don’t feel pressure to start adding goals to your plate unless they make you happy.

So, how many goals is the right number? That will be different for everybody, and the number will change over time. Adapt your goal-setting to make yourself as calm and happy as possible.

Personally, I’ve settled on one goal for now: BE A SUPERHERO.

What’s a superhero? What does this mean to me? Well, I haven’t tried to define it in detail, otherwise each of those details would become a goal of its own, and I’d just end up with a large number of goals again. I’ve simply set myself a vague ideal of being a superhero, and I’m leaving it at that for now.

With this as my goal, I can challenge myself in whatever way makes the most sense at any given time. If I’m tired, my superhero might not do as much as when my superhero has is filled with excitement, energy and focus. That’s OK. The point is to challenge myself to do as much as possible, whatever the circumstances. That makes me feel good, without feeling overwhelmed.

(photo by Matt Stratton)

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