Think About Things That Make You Happy

This may seem kind of silly or circular, but it’s true: you’ll be happier if you think about things that make you happier.

Example: I’m writing this blog post right now. I’m imagining someone out there on the great big Internet stumbling on this post someday. I’m picturing you, reader, reading this post, and discovering a useful tip on how to be happy. I’m imagining you using it in your everyday life. In short, I’m imagining you being happy.

And the beautiful thing is, this thought process is making ME happy RIGHT NOW. Even though I know nobody but me is going to read this post for the foreseeable future (I haven’t told anyone about this blog yet…I’m just writing this in a vaccuum at the moment), I’m actually feeling happier just by thinking about something that makes me happy.

Now, you have your own ideas about what makes you happy. Fill your head with those thoughts as often as possible. You are in control of your own thoughts. So might as well load up on the things that make you happiest, right?

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