Why Travel Is Fun

I love to travel, and I’m not the only one. But why? What’s so great about travel anyway?

The first part of travel is the actual traveling, the moving from point A to point B. That can be fun, but when people talk about loving to travel, I think they usually mean *being* in an unusual place, as opposed to *traveling to* (and from) another place.

You may be visiting a beautiful location, seeing something you can’t see at home, like a beach, or a rain forest, a mountain, or a river. You may be visiting somewhere that’s a more comfortable temperature — somewhere warmer in winter, or colder in summer. You may be exploring a different culture, or experiencing somewhere that’s richer or poorer that you’re used to. You may be going TO — to visit someone or something. You may simply be getting AWAY — away from emails and phone calls, away from obligations.

What is the common thread running through all those experiences? I think it’s that traveling takes you out of your comfort zone. You experience different stimuli — sights, sounds, smells and tastes you wouldn’t normally be exposed to. The plugs are different there, the fire hydrants are yellow, people drive on the other side of the road.

These differences, whatever they are, large and small, cause you to stop and look around. Instead of ignoring what’s going on all around you, like you might do at home, you’re paying attention to the little details. In short, you’re just enjoying life, not necessarily because where you are visiting is *better* than home, but just because it’s different.

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