On Selecting the Exact Right Size Tupperware for Your Leftovers

If you’re like our family, you have a bunch of Tupperware. Perhaps not official Tupperware® brand containers, but some form of plastic containers, in varying sizes, to store leftovers in.

You know what’s awesome?

When you have some leftovers, and you select the exact right size Tupperware to hold them.

Maybe you’re scooping a whole bunch of pasta into the container, and you’re not quite sure it’s going to fit, but then every last pasta ends up fitting perfectly, right up to the brim, with no crowding, and no wasted space either.

Oh, the joy. That sucker’s gonna be all SNUG in the fridge.

But don’t get too excited, because you’re only as good as your last Tupperware selection.

That’s right. You know the feeling when you get it wrong. You’re slopping some soup into your Tupperware, and all of a sudden you realize you’ve misjudged horribly. There’s way more soup than can possibly fit into that tiny space. What were you thinking, not going with the larger size?

Well now this is just great. What next? Do you transfer everything to a larger size container? Well guess what genius, now you’ve got to wash out the small container. Way to waste water. And your finite time on earth.

Maybe instead of transferring to a larger container, you decide to pour the excess soup into the sink. Sweet, great job wasting food. Sure, just pour it out into the drain like it never happened. We know the truth.

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