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I recently set a goal of creating a new passive income source earning $300 per month by September 30th, 2012. I’ve been considering – or perhaps dithering on – which steps to take next.

Over the July 4th weekend I decided to focus on my squash site first. I’ll create a “passive value” resource there – articles for people looking for information about squash – and build up traffic. Once I get the traffic to a respectable level, I’ll figure out some ways to turn this into passive income.

This seems like a good approach because it builds on the success I’ve had already with my BrickBreaker site. That little test site has been bringing in around $30 per month in advertising revenue. My goal with the squash site is then to just do roughly that same thing, but 10 times bigger.

I’ll be writing about my progress on this blog, if you’d like to follow along.

I might not create that many cartoons while I’m building up the squash site.


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  • I just read all the posts you've written since I last visited. I did skip all the kid-posts as I don't have kids myself :) Huge thanks for sharing information about your sites! Would you mind exposing how much traffic you have in the BrickBreaker site? I'm asking since one of my blogs has 13000-14000 visitors per month and I've have real trouble trying to monetize it. People who come there are not in a mood of following ads, or maybe they have some ad-blocker. So even when I placed the ads to the top spots, I got practically nothing. I tried that for several months and then stripped the ads away.
    • author
      Sure - In the last 30 days I had 22,000 page views and that translated into $19.34 in ad revenue over the same period. One of the good things about SBI is they help you gauge what topics will be more easily monetized. I should mention that the SBI process told me NOT to create this BrickBreaker site -- too small of a topic, and not commercial enough. I created it myself on Wordpress because I really wanted to make it.

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